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Pure Cashmere Sweaters now in Juniper Hearth's e-Emporium


Juniper Hearth is delighted to introduce the beautiful and super soft Cashmere Essentials sweater collection to the e-Emporium.

A 'must have' for every woman's wardrobe


These winter basics are a 'must have' for every woman's wardrobe, in classic cream, camel, grey and black. These elegant investment pieces will never date and washed and stored with care will be enjoyed for years. The luxurious softness and warmth of the pure fibre is sheer bliss on the skin you’ll feel like a million dollars everytime you wear a cashmere garment.

Beautiful on their own or perfect for layering, these lightweight sweaters come in both round neck and v-neck designs.


Genuine 100% pure cashmere from Inner Mongolia

Mongolian mountainsCashmere goats

The Cashmere Essentials range is made from certified 100% cashmere sourced from farmers in the Inner Mongolian mountains. The goats are combed by hand to obtain their fine underfleece, which is then sorted, dyed and spun in China by a top quality manufacturer who produces cashmere products for high-end New York and European department stores.

The range has been designed by Australian Nicole Allen, who is passionate about fine quality cashmere product.  Based in Shanghai, her hands-on approach ensures quality in every aspect of production and finish.

Beware of fake cashmere

Unfortunately fake cashmere is common, with retailers being known to label normal wool, wool/silk blends or even cotton/polyester blends as cashmere.

Make sure that:

  • You only buy products labelled as 100% cashmere
  • The retailer has a return policy, especially if you buy online
  • Once you have the product, check that it does not appear to 'shine' as this indicates silk is in the blend
  • Check that the product does not feel itchy - it should feel very soft to the touch.

Of course you can rest assured that the Juniper Hearth cashmere knitwear range is of the finest quality!

View the cashmere sweater collection and buy online in our e-Emporium.

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